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Download Democracy Defined Campaign Material.
Download Democracy Defined Campaign Material.
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Home Page
The Flagship Book of The Campaign. DEMOCRACY DEFINED: The Manifesto
Join Democracy Defined! Receive letters, pamphlets, essays and circulars.
Find out about Democracy Defined
The Flagship Book of The Campaign. DEMOCRACY DEFINED: The Manifesto
Join Democracy Defined! Receive essays and circulars.
CANNABIS: THE FACTS, HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW;THE REPORT supported by doctors, judges and academics and a Nobel laureate.
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CANNABIS: THE FACTS, HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW;THE REPORT supported by doctors, judges, academics and a Nobel laureate.
Trial by Jury: Its History, True Purpose and Modern Relevance
The Constitution Treatise
Trial by Jury: Its History, True Purpose and Modern Relevance
The Constitution Treatise
The Constitution Treatise
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The Democracy Defined Restoration Campaign.
c/o Scorpio,
Monomark House,
27, Old Gloucester Street,
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The Democracy Defined Campaign, or sometimes referred to below as The DD Campaign.
Information on this site and our privacy policy may be subject to change from time to time.
Please let us know if you encounter any technical issues whilst browsing or displaying this website.
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When you use this website and / or you contact us, you agree explicitly to this privacy policy.

Personal Information and the GDPR / 2016
What information is collected. If you contact us to enquire about The DD Campaign; enquire as to our opinion on Constitutional or other educational subjects; sign up to receiving our periodic circulars and essays by e-mail; or to become a member for free, you send via the form some or all of the following information depending on what purpose you are contacting us for: your title, your surname and first name, the name of your company / media outlet (if applicable), your e-mail address, information about how you heard about The DD Campaign, your postal address, zip or postcode, country, occupation, your message, and the date. You can also contact us via your e-mail software and provide similar information.

How we use your information. You consent to sending us this information in order for us to reply to your enquiry and start a two-way communication if necessary, and / or sign you up to our periodic circulars; and / or to join you as a Member. Please note this Campaign is educational and strives to raise awareness about the relevance and modern purpose of the genuine Constitional Common Law Trial by Jury; and about other issues. The Campaign is to educate people so that they realise the importance of restoring the authentic British and English Constitutional system to achieve a fairer, more just society.

Non-personal information. When you surf the website, anonymous data regarding your browsing on the Internet, for example, your browser, operating system, date and time, referring site and pages which you visit will be automatically collected by the server for statistical purposes.

Information which is Shared. We will never sell your data to third parties. We may be required to divulge your personal data if we are obliged to do so. Please note we are an open educational Campaign. Therefore, our replies answering queries about campaigning issues and constitutional points, which are carefully prepared and take us time to draft, may be useful to others as mini-essays to explain certain campaigning subjects, and as such, may be forwarded to Members and others via e-mail and other media. In this case, unless you have already made your surname and e-mail address public in an e-list or other public forum, your surname and e-mail address will not be revealed. Sometimes, our e-mails are in response to people who have sent e-mails around on a public forum, e-list, etc., and have already made their names and e-mail addresses available freely. Moreover, if you have a public profile and have already made public pronouncements and opinions known in any media, such as (non-exhaustively) interviews, forums, e-lists, videos, books, articles, TV programmes, circulated e-mails, newsletters, and the like, we reserve the right to publish our open replies, support, or rebuttals using your name, and e-mail address (if available openly to the public) in the open forum which comprises the Internet.

Transfer of Files / Data onto Servers outside the UK and EU. Aside from computers used locally to save and process your data, sometimes we are required to transfer data to servers outside the UK and EU area for archiving and backup purposes (for example, Yahoo in the United States). This is occasionally necessary to protect work from computer breakdowns which may cause data loss.

Given the very nature of the Internet, it is important to note that backup systems and transmission of data over the Internet can never be 100% reliable, safe or secure.

Data retention. We archive enquiries and our replies in the interest of retaining the literary and campaigning work which we have put into constructing detailed replies and arguments pertaining to Constitutional and other issues. Membership information is kept on record. You may unsubscribe from our circulars at any time. However, The DD Campaign is an active one and Members must be involved at least insofar as they are kept up to date with circulars and new essays from The DD Campaign. If you are a Member and decide to unsubscribe from receiving circulars, your free Membership will have to be rescinded.

Your Rights. You have a right to access the personal data we hold about you. Amongst other rights, in particular, you may ask for a copy of the data which we have on record or request rectification or deletion.
You may exercise the rights recognised by statutory provisions in force.
There may be legal reasons why we have to retain your data and we will let you know these reasons should you decide to exercise one of your rights.
You may withdraw your consent to our using your personal data. If you withdraw your consent, note that we will no longer be able to send you circulars, reply to your enquiries or keep you as a Member, unless you give us your consent again.
Our e-mail contact address regarding the point above, is: Contact

Please note that at the present time, this website does not use cookies but may implement features in the near future which will use them. Our privacy policy will change at that time to reflect this. Here, nevertheless, is some general information:

To ensure proper functioning of websites, small data files are saved onto website surfers' computers or other devices. Most big websites do likewise.
What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a small file which websites save onto your computer or mobile device when you surf the website in question. Amongst other things, it makes it possible for these websites to memorise your activities and preferences (user name, language, font size and other display parameters) for a given period of time, so that you don't have to re-enter these preferences every time you visit these sites or browse from one webpage to another.
How are Cookies Used?
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