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The Democracy Defined Campaign Membership is comprised of people from numerous countries worldwide and from all walks of life: unqualified and qualified people, students, housewives, retired folk, and includes academics, attorneys, law enforcement officers and doctors of a variety of disciplines.

  • As a member, you receive a personalised Restoration Campaign Membership Card as shown above. Your e-mail address will not be divulged.
  • You receive intermittent letters, essays, campaigning pamphlets and circulars by e-mail from the DEMOCRACY DEFINED RESTORATION CAMPAIGN.
The Campaign does not ask for subscriptions or Membership fees. Membership puts you under no obligations. Being a Member demonstrates your interest in the aims of the Educational Campaign for Justice. The amount of leafletting and campaigning you do is entirely your own decision.

Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury requires to be established throughout the world: only then do worldwide elimination of tyrannies, Crimes against Humanity by politicians and governments, and permanent relative peace on Earth become feasible.

Campaign Membersí spreading the Mission and Message could make a real difference to the world in which we live: the future of World Democracy.

Save Democracy

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